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Painting of Jaroslaw Kukowski

- Bartlomiej Garbaczewski

Iconography referring to the present time and oscillating between hyper- and surrealism - is the shortest definition of Jaroslaw Kukowski's painting. It takes more than a few words to describe his artistic work. In order to do that, I will use the most characteristic of his works... read more →

Jaroslaw Kukowski Biography

- Maria Dziopak

Jaroslaw Kukowski (Poland) - he was born in 1972. He has been painting since youth. His public debut was in the Gdansk "Stara Laznia" Gallery in 1994. In his early works it is possible to notice the attempt to analyze the world and life against psychological background... read more →

Master's thesis

- Bartlomiej Kordowski

"Surrealism in Polish contemporary art. The artistic output of Zdzislaw Beksinski, Jaroslaw Kukowski and Wojciech Siudmak". One of the most remarkable and meaningful personages of world of art, not only in Poland, but also abroad is Jaroslaw Kukowski. This modern artist was born on 11 April 1972 in Tczew... read more →